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A Little Bit About Me:

I've always had a fascination (some might even say obsession) with acoustic instruments since the first time I picked one up. I find them to be the perfect blend of art, craft, and function – all in one beautiful sounding object! After more than 25 years of building and repairing instruments, that core fascination is still a driving force in my work.

My goal is to build the highest quality and uniquely individual instrument I can. Accordingly, I take the time to listen and learn about a player’s dreams and desires, what a player might want in an instrument, and then try to translate those things into an instrument that they will love.

Customers often challenge me with special lutherie projects, anything from a custom Weissenborn Style 4 Hawaiian guitar to a one-of-a-kind resonator mandicello (both examples of instruments I have actually built). In other words, we can discuss whatever special project you have in mind. I enjoy the challenge.

I appreciate your interest in my guitars and ukuleles, and look forward to working with you to find the instrument that will fit your musical needs. Feel free to contact me with further questions.

"You'll be amazed by the volume and beauty of tone on the Char Uke.

Builders, like Kerry Char, are making serious Ukuleles for the player who wants the ultimate in tone and playability."

-Paul Heumiller of Dream Guitars

"Kerry is most recognized for his Flamenco and Classical guitars

and has been working with stringed instruments for nearly 25 years. Kerry is also regarded as one of the foremost in vintage stringed instrument restoration."

-Shawn Yacavone of Ukulele Friend

A Little Bit About My Philosophy:

I love old instruments and I really love restoring old instruments. The idea of giving new life to something that most people would consider dead and useless really appeals to me.  When you come through my shop you’ll see the many discarded carcasses of old instruments just waiting to be reborn.  You’ll also see and play many that I’ve had a chance to bring back to life.

I’ve been building and repairing instruments since 1984.  During those years I’ve had the privilege of repairing and restoring a wide array of instruments - some fairly common and some extremely unusual.  I regularly do work for collectors as well as several museums and have developed a reputation for being willing to work on almost anything with strings – dead or alive.

Another interesting note is that people send me things in the mail all the time, both with my knowledge and sometimes without me even knowing. Even if you can't make it to my shop doesn't mean that we can't work together on something.

I'm also an authorized repair center for many popular brands, including:

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