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Right now I'm working on an online store that will have handmade instruments, sets of wood, and vintage instruments. It'll be up and running very soon!

Customers often challenge me with special lutherie projects, anything from a custom Weissenborn Style 4 Hawaiian guitar to a one-of-a-kind resonator mandicello (both examples of instruments I have actually built). In other words, we can discuss whatever special project you have in mind. I enjoy the challenge.

I appreciate your interest in my guitars and ukuleles, and look forward to working with you to find the instrument that will fit your musical needs. Feel free to contact me with further questions.

what people are saying...

Char Lutheries work is always truly outstanding!

I have literally brought in for repair a couple of acoustic guitars a year to Char Lutheries over the course of the last decade. With repairs ranging from advance neck resets, refrets, full on rebuilds with finish work to basic saddle and nut set ups.

Bill B.

You'll be amazed by the volume and beauty of tone on the Char Uke.

Builders, like Kerry Char, are making serious Ukuleles for the player who wants the ultimate in tone and playability.

Paul Heumiller of Dream Guitars

Kerry is most recognized for his Flamenco and Classical guitars and has been working with stringed instruments for nearly 25 years.

Kerry is also regarded as one of the foremost in vintage stringed instrument restoration nationwide and frequently receives for restoration of rare historical pieces from museums throughout the world.

Shawn Yacavone of Ukulele Friend

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