I was born in Hawaii and my family is from Hawaii, so I guess building ukes is in my blood.  We are, today, in what some have called the "golden age" of ukulele building.  There are better ukuleles being built now than at any time in the history of this wonderful instrument.  In fact, in the last 10 years there has been more innovation and experimentation on the building of ukes than in any time since its invention.

75% of the ukuleles I build are commissions from customers.  In the process of completing these commissioned ukes, I often try to throw one or two
"Special Projects” into each run that satisfy my own interests and curiosity.  These pieces are usually something cool and often unusual. Feel free to ask me if I have anything new  for sale.

I have many materials to choose from when it comes to ukes.  I, of course, have an excellent supply of top grade Koa, the traditional wood of the uke.  But I also have many other kinds of excellent tone-woods that I’ve collected that aren’t big enough to make guitars, but are the perfect size for ukes.  These woods include Brazilian rosewood, African Blackwood, Curly Walnut, Curly Maple, etc…  It’s a pretty big list.  For full list of what I have offer just give me a call.


The base prices for my ukes are as follows:

$2200.00               Soprano

$2200.00               Concert

$2400.00               Tenor

$2600.00               Baritone

My basic uke comes with select Koa body with mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard headstock and bridge and a one ply plastic binding on the body. Pearl dot markers Gotoh friction tuners and hardshell case are included.

I require a $200.00 deposit to be on the waiting list . When I start construction I ask for one third down, deposit can be applied to this amount, and balance upon completion. I try to deliver your project in 4-5 months from the time I start construction. Cancellation at any time forfeits deposit.

Optional upgrades


As stated I have quite a few materials to choose from so this is not an exhaustive list.

$500.00                 Master grade Koa ( when available! )

$300.00                 000 Koa

$275.00                 Curly Mahogany

$375.00                 Curly Cuban Mahogany

$400.00                 Fancy Brazilian Rosewood

$200.00                 Brazilian Rosewood

$275.00                 Fancy Mango

$375.00                 African Blackwood

$175.00                 Quilted or Spalted or Curly Maple

$175.00                 Curly Walnut

$175.00                 Adirondack Spruce

$175.00                 Euro Spruce

Ask                        Figuered top

Ask                        Lucky 12 Spruce

NC                         Red Wood

NC                         Western Red Cedar

NC                         Sitka Spruce

NC                         Engelman Spruce

NC                         Lutz Spruce                        

Other Upgrades

$450.00                Full rope binding

$675.00                Style 3 appointments

$375.00                Abalone top and Rosette

$175.00                 Abalone rosette only

$375.00                Wood bindings

$350.00                Cut away

$300.00                Slotted headstock

Ask                        PegHed tuners

Ask                        Gotoh UPT tuners

Ask                        Schaller Grand Tune uke tuners

Ask                        Waverly Tuners

If you are interested in a custom-built uke, you can reach me below:

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